Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What type of community is the Oasis?

A. The Oasis is made up of 28 single family executive style homes. All are single story. You own your own land. Every homeowner owns a 1/28th interest in the common elements.

Q. Why is the Oasis called a “Hybrid” community?

A. Residents must be clothed just like any other textile community when in their front yard, driveway or in their garage when the garage door is open. In their home, their back yard or nudist common areas they may be nude.

Q. Why the front must be textile?

A. When any homeowner has textile guests, the guests would never know that there is a nudist component to the community. They may see other homeowners in their front yards or garages giving the impression of a regular textile community. Therefore, there would be no reason to question nudity.

Q. How many children live in the Oasis?

A. None. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to reside in the Oasis.

Q. What about under age children visiting?

A. Yes. It happens all the time. They can visit for periods of time only, a maximum of 2 months.

Q. I’m a snowbird, is there some way to have my grass cut while I’m away?

A. Your monthly association dues pays for your grass cutting. It would also include your back yard, just unlock your gate for access.

Q. Do residents need to belong to a nudist organization?

A. Yes. The Oasis is an ANNR club.

Q. I’m a Vet do you know if I can get a VA loan in the Oasis?

A. Yes. We have residents with VA loans.

Q. How many homes are there in the Oasis?

A. 28

Q. Are there any building lots still available?

A. No. All the lots are sold and build upon.

Q. How do I get to the nudist amenities?

A. Generally, just open your back gate.

Q. Do all the homes access the nudist amenities this way?

A. No. 24 of the 28 do. The other 4 require a short, textile, walk to a short-cut into the amenities.

Q. What amenities does the Oasis offer?

A. Tennis, pool, spa, shower, BBQ, fitness room, meeting room with dance floor, kitchen, one men’s bathroom and two lady’s bathrooms. Checkout the video.

Q. How far is it to shopping?

A. For an aerial view of shopping in the area Click Here.

Q. To get around, are there any major roadways close by?

A. For an aerial view of major roadways close by Click Here.

Q. It is said that The Oasis is in the Nudist Capital of the World. What other nudist entities are around?

A. For an aerial view of the other nudist communities and resorts close by Click Here.

Q. How far are they from The Oasis?

A. For a chart showing the distances to/and from the other nudist communities and resorts close by Click Here.

Q. Are there any medical facilities around and how far?

A. We have a 24/7 ER down the street and around the corner, about a mile and a half away.

Q. Are there things to do in the area? Day trips?

A. We're in Central Florida which is known as one of the top play areas in the country. 



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